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Dags Vidulejs 
Chairmen of the Board of "HappyArtMuseum" Ltd. Art director of producers group
Member of the Board in PINAKOTEKA exhibition& office hall
Member of Latvian Artists Union

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ART RIGA FAIR 2017 www artriga com dags vidulejs 37129595885  
Published on Nov 1, 2017  

FOREIGN GALLERIES GATHER TO 4 EDITION OF INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL BALTIC REGION CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW. ART RIGA FAIR 2017. This year's ART RIGA, one of most important events in the Baltic art calendar, will take place on November 7-12. VIP PRIVATE BANKING and Media Opening Day is November 8.  ART RIGA 2017 will again be held in the historic Latvian Railway History Museum in the city-centre. ART RIGA was established in 2014 to mark Riga's status as European Capital of Culture, with transactions exceeding half a million euros. Conference cycle ART RIGA 2017 will have an expanded programme of talks and events, playing host to international art professionals, institutions, galleries, publishers, media, collectors, art-lovers 1000 paintings, sculptures, graphical all price segments from well-known blue-chip artists to the newest young contemporaries +37129595885 Ltd HAPPY ART MUSEUM Dags Vidulejs vidulejs@inbox.lv +37129177748 Ltd EUROCLUB Gaļina Maksimova artrigafair@gmail.com

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DAGS Vidulejs/ Happy Art Museum/ Art Riga Fair http://artriga.com/ CILV...

DAGS Vidulejs https://www.facebook.com/VIDULEJS/ 

Happy Art Museum http://happyartmuseum.co/ 
Art Riga Fair http://artriga.com/ 
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Dags Vidulejs

2014-2016 ART RIGA FAIR organizer
2010-2016 Production group and exhibition hall „Happy Art Museum” executive
2009-2015 SIA “Pinakotēka” co-creator and artistic executive
2008 Work in gallery - ”Sky art”
2000-2006 Latvian Art Academy painting conceptual department
Producer assistant work at “Telefilm Riga”
1980-1985- LAA Theory and Pedagogy department
1981-1984 – Methodist work at LAA fond exhibition montage "Nation's Cinema-Actor Studio" 
49th middle school, Volleyball Olympic reserve sport school
Painter exhibitions:
2012 “Va Bank” exhibition in the hall “West” in Rietumu Bank
2012 graphic personal-exhibition in Jelgava gallery „Suņa taka”
2012 Gallery „Happy Art Museum” exhibition „Klaipeda's city's gallery”
2010 participation in exhibition „Bronze glamour” in Airport's VIP zone
2010 ”Autumn” in Pinakotēka exhibition hall
Participation in Baltezers church renewal devoted Christmas exhibition
2009 Graphic personal-exhibition in shopping center “SkyArt" Sky&More
Personal-exhibition in shopping center „Spice” – „Lemon Loft” exposition halls
2009 ”Autumn” in Pinakotēka exhibition hall
2008 personal-exhibition in Ventspils
2008 Exhibition in “Hypothec un Earth bank's” VIP hall
2008 Personal-exhibition gallery “Sky art” “Black & white” paintings
2007 Personal-exhibition „Plikni” gallery “Bonhanss” restaurant „Andalūzijas suns”
( Kuratore S.Sīle)
2007 participation in the Artist Union's exhibition “Autumn”
2006 LAA student and professor creative trip-order job and exhibition in Berlin hotel “Gates”
Ceiling paintjob in “Kalnozols” office
2006 “Europe's musical capital” personal-exhibition in Rietumu Bank's exhibition hall
2006 „Trip exhibition” after creative trip gallery “Ars Linga” (Curator Aija Nodieva)
2005 Wall painting
2005 participation in exhibition „Rudens”, inside exhibition hall „Arsenals”
Journal „Studija” prize for diptych „Civilization”
2005 ”Green Art” participation with paintings and curator work in an exhibition in Skonto hall
2004 personal-exhibition „Trip in another dimension” in gallery „XO”
2003 “Painters” in gallery “XO” 
Conference workshops in Florence. LAA professor, student group exhibitions in Brussels, Minsk etc.
2003 “Green point” art from recycling materials- exhibition organizer Skonto hall
1986 Participation in “Autumn” exhibition and student work exhibitions LAA
Works are located in private collections in Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Austria etc.
Produced exhibition hall's “PINAKOTĒKA” exhibitions and events:
2009 - „Autumn 2009” Happy Art Museum
- Inta Berga's sculpture exhibition
- Normund Puč's graphic and painting exhibition "Melancholy"
-Tālis Muzikant's sculptures “Alive Rock”
2010 - „Sankt-Peterbourg art academy fond exhibition”
Matti Miliuse's collection exhibition 
Journal “Rīgas Laiks” anniversary exhibition
2009-2014 organizes exhibition hall's “Happy Art Museum” activity:
(Galleria Riga, 5th -7th floor, Dzirnavu 67) as Happy Art Museum's subsidiary
and Happy Art author group trip exhibitions
09 2013 Participation in international art mesa “ART MOSCOW”
11 2013 Participation in international art exhibition “ART COKTEIL BRUGE” in Belgium
02 2014 Gallery's “Happy Art Museum” author exhibition in Frankfurt- gallery “IRA KITZKI”
05 2014 - 07 2014 Gallery's “Happy Art Museum” author exhibition in Airport's VIP center
Language abilities: English, Russian, Latvian - freely
Expierience in press conference and round table arrangement, capability of working in a team.
Dags Vidulejs +37129595885

trešdiena, 2017. gada 26. jūlijs

Ilggadējā LMA glezniecības Katedras vadītāja Vladimira Kozina studijas “Sapņu Robežas” izstāde “Vasaras Garša” @ HAPPY ART MUSEUM

Ilggadējā LMA glezniecības Katedras vadītāja Vladimira Kozina
studijas “Sapņu Robežas” izstāde “Vasaras Garša” 
@ HAPPY ART MUSEUM http://HappyaArtMuseum.co  +37129595885
Dzirnavu 67 GALLERIA RIGA augšējais līmenis 13-23:00
Atklāšana 26.Jūlijā 18:00 26.07-13.08.2017

piektdiena, 2017. gada 21. jūlijs

In the framework of the International Project ERASMUS + LATVIA/ RIGA/ HAPPY ART MUSEUM
http://erasmus.pdps.lv/_private/text/latvia_happy_en.htm "The use of INNOVATIVE METHODS FOR THE TRAINING OF MIGRANTS in the school curriculum in the lessons of mathematics, science, languages and literature" Master classes, seminars, discussions in 2016, 2017 will be held at Happy Art Museum. All events will be held on-line HAM LIVE TV
Head of the Gallery Dags Vidulejs has been cooperating with the organizers of the project since 2016. Last year, he hosted delegations from Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Spain, Estonia, as well as representatives from Daugavpils, Jurmala and Riga.
Curator Tatyana Moiseeva. Participants not only made presentations, but also answered questions from journalists of Latvian Radio 4 (107.7).
A meeting was held with the leading specialist of the Department of Education in Riga Lyudmila Marghevichi.
The gallery's regulars are Latvian artists, teachers from Malta and Slovenia got acquainted with the work of the painters, commenting on their feelings to the press.

For YOUR EVENT-CLUB STAGE (100 chairs, video audio presentation, WIFI, wine bar, parking)
LIVE WEB TV (200K followers) & Your event Video recording

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WELCOME PARTICIPANTS: ART GALLERIES, CURATORS, ARTISTS, COLLECTORS, PARTNERS, EMBASSIES to International Annual Baltic Region Contemporary ART RIGA FAIR showroom all the year http://ArtRiga.com info@Artriga.com
DAGS VIDULEJS ⓒ +37129595885
LATVIA - RIGA в рамках Международного проекта Erasmus+HAPPY ART MUSEUM 
"Использование инновационных методов ОБУЧЕНИЯ МИГРАНТОВ в рамках школьной программы на уроках математики, естествознания, языков и литературе" мастер-классы, семинары, дискуссии 2017 года пройдут в Happy Art Museum. Все мероприятия будут проходить в on-line режиме HAM LIVE TV Руководитель Галереи Дагс Видулейс сотрудничает с организаторами проекта с 2016 года. В прошлом году он принимал делегации из Венгрии, Словении, Мальты, Испании, Эстонии, а также представителей из Даугавпилса, Юрмалы и Риги. Куратор Татьяна Моисеева. Участники не только выступали с докладами, но и отвечали на вопросы журналистов Латвийского радио 4 (107.7). Была организована встреча с ведущим специалистом Департамента образования г.Риги Людмилой Маргевичей. Завсегдатаи галереи - художники Латвии, педагоги из Мальты и Словении познакомились с творчеством живописцев, прокомментировав свои ощущения представителям прессы.

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The discussion is devoted to events in the USSR and Germany from 100 to 55 years old (prohibited art in totalitarian states - the USSR and the national of socialist Germany) and a modern look at "forbidden art"
Degenerate art (GermanEntartete Kunst) was a term adopted by the Nazi regime in Germany to describe Modern art. Such art was banned on the grounds that it was un-German, Jewish, or Communist in nature, and those identified as degenerate artists were subjected to sanctions. These included being dismissed from teaching positions, being forbidden to exhibit or to sell their art, and in some cases being forbidden to produce art. Degenerate Art also was the title of an exhibition, held by the Nazis in Munich in 1937, consisting of modernistartworks chaotically hung and accompanied by text labels deriding the art. Designed to inflame public opinion against modernism, the exhibition subsequently traveled to several other cities in Germany and Austria. While modern styles of art were prohibited, the Nazis promoted paintings and sculptures that were traditional in manner and that exalted the "blood and soil" values of racial puritymilitarism, and obedience.
1. 80 years since the discovery of Entartete Kunst - 1937g. Germany
2. 100 years of VASR (it is the Great Dadaist Revolution), and Lenin as the apologist of Dadaism
3. The 95th anniversary of the "philosophical steamship" - a collective image of at least five ships transported to Germany by expelled representatives of the Russian intelligentsia: scholars, philosophers, academics, professors, writers, directors, playwrights, artists. - 1922 USSR.
4. The 85th anniversary of socialist realism, as a state doctrine in the field of art and life in the USSR
5. 80 years since the beginning of the Great Terror of the NKVD - July 31, 1937 was approved by the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and signed by Yezhov order NKVD No. 00447 "On the operation to repress."
6. 55th anniversary of the performance of Khrushchev at the opening of the exhibition "30th anniversary of the Moscow Art College", 1962. The USSR
80 лет открытия "Entartete Kunst" 1937 Германия Dr.art. Андрис Тейкманис, Владимир Oброссов, Артур Авотиньш @ HAPPY ART MUSEUM. "ДЕГЕНЕРАТИВНОЕ ИСКУССТВО” ТЕМА арт-конференци на RIGA ART FAIR 2017 http://ArtRiga.com 7-13. Ноября в Риге Латвиe. Интересентов, просим, зарегистрироватся на конференции
дискуссия посвящается событиям в СССР и Германии 100 – 55-и летней давности (запрещенное искусство в тоталитарных государствах – СССР и национал социалистической Германии) и современный взгляд на «запрещенное искусство» 
1. 80 лет со дня открытия Entartete Kunst – 1937г. Германия.
2. 100 лет ВОСР (она же Великая Дадаистическая) революция, и Ленин как апологет Дадаизма
3. 95 летие «философского парохода» – о собирательный образ из как минимум из пяти кораблей, перевозивших в Германию высланных представителей российской интеллигенции: ученых, философов, академиков, профессоров, писателей, режиссёров, драматургов, художников. – 1922 СССР. 
4. 85 летие соцреализма, как государственной доктрины в области искусства и жизни в СССР 
5. 80 лет начала Большого Террора НКВД – 31 июля 1937 года был одобрен Политбюро ЦК ВКП(б) и подписан Ежовым приказ НКВД № 00447 «Об операции по репрессированию».
6. 55-летие выступления Хрущева на открытии выставки "30-летие МОСХ", – 1962г. СССР.
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"No Romas bestiary līdz Bizantijas ikonai "

Vadima Eglīša-Vernika mākslas mozaīkas studija aicina jaunus dalībniekus.

Mēs Jūs aicinām uz izstādes atklāšanu 16. aprīlī plks. 13:15 Happy Art Museum, adresē: Dzirnavu 67 / 7.stāvs Galleria Riga, Rīgā.
Mēs Jums piedāvājam iepazīties ar jaunajiem darbiem, kuri izpildīti pēc mozaīkas skicēm no Villa Romana del Casale.
Seno romiešu villa celta pirmajā ceturksnī IV gadsimtā mūsu ēras, tā atrodas apmēram 5 km no pilsētas Piazza Armerina, Sicīlijā. Villa bija centrālā ēka un viena no skaistakajām muižas teritorijā. Villa ir slavena ar savām skaistajām mozaīkām, ar kurām izgreznota gandrīz katra tās telpa. Šīs mozaīkas ir vienas no bagātīgākajām kolekcijām romiešu mākslā un atrodas UNESCO Pasaules mantojuma sarakstā.
Izstādes darba laiks:13:00 - 21:00, no 17. aprīļa līdz 5. maijam.

"От римского бестиария к византийской иконе" 
Выставка работ студии художественной мозаики Вадима Эглитиса-Верника. 
Приглашаем вас на открытие выставки 16 апреля в 13:15 в Happy Art Museum по адресу: Dzirnavu 67/7.level GALLERIA RIGA, Riga.
Мы представим вам новые работы выполненные по эскизам мозаик виллы Дель-Казале. 
Древнеримская вилла построена в первой четверти IV века н. э. и расположена примерно в 5 км от города Пьяцца-Армерина на Сицилии. Вилла была центральной усадьбой крупного поместья и представляет собой одно из самых роскошных строений подобного рода. Известна в первую очередь благодаря прекрасно сохранившимся мозаикам, украшающим почти каждую комнату. Эти мозаики являются одной из богатейших коллекций древнеримского искусства и объектом Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО. 
Выставка открыта с 17 апреля до 5 мая без выходных, время работы с 13:00 - 21:00. Вход свободный. 

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