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Dags Vidulejs 
Chairmen of the Board of "HappyArtMuseum" Ltd. Art director of producers group
Member of the Board in PINAKOTEKA exhibition& office hall
Member of Latvian Artists Union

pirmdiena, 2012. gada 27. februāris

We offer cooperation in organizing the art exhibitions exchange.

Hello!  We are looking for partners for short term program.
Project "Nordic countries art exchange friendship".  Writing an application to the funding competition.
Please respond!
      We offer cooperation in organizing the art exhibitions. We are the largest private art exhibition hall in Latvia. Ltd. "Pinakoteka" Founded in 2007. In 2009 the modern exhibition space (Pinakoteka building) was built. 4
years, there were several large-scale art events. Latvian artists
union group exhibitions, the atrical performances, literal actions as well as foreign
collection of exposure. Exhibition Producers Group Ltd. 'Happy Art Museum" is the building " Pinakoteka" related entity, as one of the hall's owners. "Happy Art Museum" organizes events in their Pinakoteka 2000m2 and in the center of Riga, the newly built "Galleria Riga" in one floor (450m2).   
      Shows well attended (up to 400 people a day). We offer to team up with the exchange of exhibitions. We are ready to take Your exhibition, to take the exposure assembly, the opening event organization, advertising creation and publishing.
      We offer the "HAPPY ART MUSEUM" galleries collection: a selection of the best contemporary artists paintings, sculptures, graphics. Sergey Dyomin, Zigmunds Bielis, Otto Zitmanis, Gustavs Filipsons, Vladislavs Lakshe, Juris Dimiters,Ivars Mikelsons, Dags Vidulejs. Contemporaries in the art that will become classics. Now You can see this exhibition "VA BANK" in Rietumu Bank new exhibition hall in Riga, Vesetas street 7.  9.00-17.00     From 26. February to 9. March 2012th 16.02.2012 - 09.03.2012 HappyArtMuseum collection "VA BANK"@ RIETUMU BANK hall Vesetas7 9-17.00 (64 fotoattēli)
 We hope that You have an interest about works of art exchibited in our exposition at "Happy Art Museum" in Gallery Riga trading centre. Regarding our conversation, we are suggesting to bring to Your country specially formed travelling exchobition - the very best from our gallerys authors. 
      The concept of this exchibition  would be to create addressing to, provocative exposition, where the ununited unites - the exchibition based on contrsats and balanses between divine tranquility and ugliness. On the contrast to conceptual abstract painting we are intending to stage perfectly crafted, provocative sculpture in bronze.
      There are fields of wast unexplored space inside mans mind.Images coming from subconsciousness one can experience by so called "day dreaming" or actual dream. Some can appear as signs from much larger field of information from the very depths of human beeing. Striving "to catch" them and somehow interprate the hidden is the goal. The artists taking part in this exchibition all strive to achieve the presence of this dimention in their work. They share the same Age they live in, but their work depicts inner feeling of self beyond that. 
   We can take on ourselves the expenses of transportation of works and arraging exposition. We can also make informative material in printed form: catalogues,booklets. We are interested in selling works and we want to know according to what schemes it can be done. Do You have any already known premises in mind where this exchibition could take place?
         We can bring quite big exposition up to 50 paintings (20 of them large formated) and 20 sculptures smaller size.  If it is not possible to manage that large event right know, we coul also arrange a smaller kind of exchibition like a pilot- project of the idea itself.
          We are experienced in organizing international art exchibitions. Since 2009 we are working in exchibition hall "Pinakoteka" which  is the most modern an largest private exchibition hall in Riga right now.
      "Happy Art Museum" is a collection of high quality works of recognized professionals.  The proposed exhibition designed for the widest possible audience and visitors to address a variety of categories. In particular, run-on sculpture and modern environmental sculpture work. "Happy Art Museum" primary mission is to provoke (encourage) the viewer on a conversation, a dialogue, we have an imporant each visitors  viewpoint. HappyArtMuseum mission -provoke love- change the world with art exhibitions exchange.
     If You want to make art exchange project with our gallery, Latvia, Riga art. If it would be possible to accept our exhibition in Your Art exhibitions space to include in their schedule, then we would  search for the Foundation support and Latvian cultural ministries support.
     Waiting for your answer  with our deepest regards   
 Vidulejs              LV EN    +37129595885      happyartmuseum@gmail.com
 Gaļina MaksimovaRU         +37I 29I77748        vidulejs@inbox.lv 
Ltd. "Happy Art Museum"  www.happyartmuseum.com

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