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LNT TV in HAPPY ART MUSEUM CriticalTemperature expo I.Jaunberga's 50art to08.09 @ Galleria Riga...

Ilze Jaunberga’s personal exhibition of 50 paintings, “ CRITICAL TEMPERATURE!” 
will open on August 08 18:30 at the “HAPPY ART MUSEUM” hall @ 
most glamour Baltics entertainment & shopping centre Passage “GALLERIA RIGA” 
Dzirnavu street 67. 5floor 350m2 12.00-21.00 seven days a week free entree, in Rīga.. 
Since 2004, Ilze Jaunberga has developed her professional career in Italy, thanks to the support and production work of art manager ENZO ROSSI-Ròiss (Associazione Culturale ITALO-BALTICA).
Since receiving her master’s degree in painting from the Latvian Academy of 2005, Ilze Jaunberga (b. 1978) has each year, late in February or early in March (depending on the Lenten calendar of the church), taken part in the carnival in Venice. Ilze says that she loves the experience of this “hypnotic crowd, this phantasmagorical atmosphere,” and she enjoys them together with Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi.” Later, she produces paintings on the basis of what she has experienced. People from the company are seen in the paintings. They are, for instance, the ones who organise the most elegant ball at the carnival, “La Cavalchina.” It is held at the conclusion of the carnival at the Venetian opera house, “La Fenice.”“It is a world with its own rules of the game. Ancient masks have individual codes of behaviour. There are paradoxes, illusions, improvisations and theatricality. Aesthetics at the Venice carnival are always flirting and engaging in infantile merriment,” says Ilze Jaunberga, adding that when she meets “the truest Venetians,” that is a fateful issue for her. The fact is that the aesthetics of the carnival have tempted her since childhood, and once she began to travel to Italy, a childhood friend reminded her: “You have been talking about Venice and the carnival there as long as I can remember.”

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Italy photomaster Giordano Morganti expoFRANKENSTEIN in"Happy Art Museum"

HAPPY ART MUSEUM @ GALLERIA RIGA presents Italian photoclassic Giordano Morganti 70artworks expo FRANKENSTEIN 13.07-05.08. 12.00-21.00 every day free entrance HappyArtMuseum exposition been in VENICE Biennale. MORGANTI received confirmation, that the Riga exhibition Frankenstein tour NewYork, London and Japan's museums  https://www.facebook.com/events/151939018275154/

Džordano Morganti 
30 years of experience of picturing famous Italian persons (figures) made portrets of Dustin Hoffman, Kirk Douglas, Borges, Amado, Francesca Neri, Ornella Muti, Lou Reed.... and had working collaboration with Vogue, Harpes, Bazar, Stern, Sette,  Il Venerdi' di Repubblica, and others. Has worked on the enlightening such heavy social themes as psychiatric hospitals, children with Down sindrom, and other delicate topics as homosexuals, lesbians love, persons on the streets, and people whose fate has turned away from them.

"I work hard to show that they are all needed, and especially I turn myself to those who do not care for the problem of these people... but I am battleing with institutions, government representatives and other 'blinds', and I will continue until they will start to hear!!! I am not gentle, but am not plasmatic either, but I am faithful to myself in these difficult social battles, it is the only way to win.... "
We offer cooperation in organizing the art exchange exhibitions. We are ready to take Your exhibition, to take the exposure assembly, the opening event organization, advertising creation and publishing.HappyArtMuseum mission -provoke love- change the world with art exhibitions exchange. We offer the HAPPY ART MUSEUM galleries collection of best contemporary recognized professional artists paintings, sculptures, graphics. Contemporaries in the art that will become classics.The biggest art store. You can find more than 500 works of art throughout the year from 12:00 to 21:00 seven days a week. In our Gallery You can study in Happy Art painting Studio. 350m2 and 100 chairs- we offer organisation of conference, corporate events and presentations.
We are the largest private art exhibition hallI In Latvia. Producers Group Ltd"Happy Art Museum" organizes MORE THAN 100 EXHIBITIONS, art events in “Pinakoteka" exhibition hall and neighboring Member States and in the center of Riga "Galleria Riga" in 5 floor (450m2). Latvian artists union group exhibitions, the atrical performances, literal actions. Shows well attended (up to 500 people a day).

 Was born in Milan in 1956, is the significant master of physiognomic.  The demiurge of the moment of truth, he reflects the faces, which do not recognise behavioural or ritual limitations, leaving in the air the question of what really ‘normality’ means. 
Frankenstein theme – artificially made deformity or the shout of the natural drives for a beauty, drives, which are fragile and passionate at the same time; naïve and aggressive, kind and shameless? These faces in interpretation of Morganti seem being immortal, real, while you feel amoral, corrupted and blind; what is “monster”, what is “divine”, what are you yourself? 
Giordano admits that working with people, who composed the image of Frankenstein, the unity, trust and ‘naturality’ were created, it was “a pleasant meeting”, the problems are in the rest, especially co-ordinators and helpers, whose ‘normality’ ‘scares with its basic, prosaic concerns and causes dislikes of the encountering’. 
The body, cognition and the soul are united in the face, and tragedy spreads from the particular face, through the viewer's reflection, on society, to our morale and ability to maintain sanity.
 “My work is a kind of Trojan horse through which, using the aesthetic as a starting point, I convey a social message”. 
“In human nature is to search dividing the elements, my Frankenstein lives uniting them. One famous psychiatrist expressed the thought: your Frankenstein is the creature of the third millennium, in the second was that of Shelly, but in the first millennium was there the one or not? My answer is: Of course, - Jesus Christ. Vittorio Sgarbi, famous art critique, defines the works of Giordano as the books to read, while others see them as ‘pure’ and high poetry. 
Giordano MORGANTI  ,  P.h. ( psichiatric hospital) frankenstein Riproduzione fotografica del llibro a cura di P. Stefanoli. ho interrotto dopo trent'anni di lavoro come ritrattista di personaggi famosi per riviste come vogue, harpes bazar, stern, sette, il venerdi' di repubblica ed essere stato il fotografo personale di dustin hoffman , kirk douglas , borges , amado , francesca neri , ornella muti , lou reed , vasco rossi, ettore sotsass , grace jones, mario schifano, francesco cossiga, francoise mitterand ,e moltissimi altri unicamente per seguire e portare alla luce l'emarginazione piu' pesante con lavori negli ospedaliu psichiatrici, i bambini down , i senzafissadimora , i diversi ( OMOSESSUALI E LESBICHE , SORDOMUTI E PERSONE ABBANDONATE AL LORO DESTINO), IO LAVORO PESANTEMENTE PER FAR CONOSCERE A TUTTI COLORO CHE LO VOGLIONO E ANCHE A QUELLI CHE SE NE FREGANO , Anzi a questi ultimi soprattutto !!!!la condizione di queste persone che nulla hanno e che tanto meritano a volte molto piu' di noi.

mi battero' con e contro istituzioni , governi e sordi di varia natura affinche' ci sentano!!! non sono tenero ne' plasmabile , ho un carattere , sono fermo nelle mie intenzioni , ritengo sia l'unico modo per vincere battaglie sociali difficili ! ciao giulia spero basti, altrimenti dimmi che fare ancora .

Выставочный зал „HAPPY ART MUSEUM” с 5 июля по 5 августа представляет выставку итальянского фотомастера Giordano Morganti „PH FRANKENSTEIN”.

Джордано Морганти ( родился в Милане в 1956 г.) – один из выдающихся мастеров физиогномики. Демиург открытия момента истины, он отображает лица, которые не знают ритуалов или ограничений норм поведения, оставив в воздухе вопрос о том, что же на самом деле значит «нормально».
Тема Франкенштейна – искуственно созданное уродство или крик о естественном стремлении к прекрасному, которое хрупко и в тоже время страстно, наивно и агрессивно, вежливо и бесстыдно одновременно ? Эти лица в интепретации Морганти кажутся бессмертными, настоящими, а зритель чувствует себя как аморальный, корумпированный и слепой; кто такой «монстр», что такое «святыня» и кем являешся ты сам

Тело, ум, душа объединяются в лице и трагедия распространяется от конкретного лица через рефлексию зрителя на общество, на нашу мораль и способность сохранять здоровое сознание.
Джордано признаётся, что работая с людьми, которые объединены в образе Франкенштейна была создана некая общность, доверие и естественность отношений, это были «приятные встречи», но проблему создавали «остальные, особенно координаторы, помошники, «нормальность» которых пугает своей прозаичностью и заставляет чувствовать отвращение от встречи ».
«Моя работа – это своего рода Троянский конь через которого, используя эстетику, как исходный пункт, я передал социальное послание.»
Знаменитый художественный критик Vittorio Sgarbi трактует работы Джордано Морганти как книги, которые следует читать, другие видят в них поэзию «чистого искуства».

Giordano Morganti Dzimis Milāna 1956. g., ir viens no ievērojamākiem fiziognomikas meistariem. 
Patiesības mirkļa demiurgs, viņš attēlo sejas, kuras nepazīst uzvedības vai rituālu ierobežojumu, atstājot gaisā jautājumu, kas tad īsti ir ‘normalitāte’. 
Frankenšteina tēma - mākslīgi izveidota kroplība vai kliedziens par dabiskām dziņām pēc skaista, kuras ir trauslas un tajā pašā laikā kaislīgas; naivas un arī agresīvas, laipnas un bezkaunīgas? Šīs sejas Morganti interpretācijā liekas nemirstīgas, īstas, bet tu juties kā amorāls, korumpēts un akls; kas ir “monstrs”, kas ir “svētums”, kas esi tu pats? 
Džordano atzīstas, ka strādājot ar cilvēkiem, kuri apvienoti Frankenšteina tēlā, tika veidota vienotība, uzticība un dabiskums, tas bija “patīkamas tikšanās”, bet problēmas sagādā ‘pārējais, īpaši koordinatori, palīgi, kuru ‘normalitāte’ biedē ar savu prozaiskumu un liek izjust nepatīku no sastapšanas’. 
Ķermenis, prāts, dvēsele apvienojas sejā, un  traģēdija izplatās no konkrētas sejas, caur skatītāja refleksiju, uz sabiedrību, uz mūsu morāli un spējām saglābāt veselu sapratu. 
“Mans darbs ir sava veida Trojas zirgs caur kuru, izmantojot estētiku kā sākumpunktu, es nododu sociālo ziņu”. 
“Cilvēka dabā ir meklēt atdalot elementus, mans Frankenšteins dzīvo apvienojot tos. Viens slavens psihiatrs izteica domu: tavs Frankenšteins ir būtne no trešās tūkstošgades, otrajā bijis tas, Shellijas, bet pirmajā gadu tūkstotī, vai Frankenšteins eksistēja?
Šī ir mana atbilde: Protams, Jēzus Kristus.”
Slavenais mākslas kritiķis Vittorio Sgarbi definē Džordano darbus kā grāmatas, kuras jālasa, citi saskata tajos ‘tīro’ un augsto dzeju.

Ex corsisti un giorno artisti. R.A.W. Reflex around the world Torino - dal 22 gennaio al 20 febbraio 2012
54° Biennale di Venezia, padiglione ItaliaTorino - dal 17 dicembre 2011 al 29 febbraio 2012

25 anni con La Nuova Pesa Roma - dal 4 al 20 maggio 2011

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Giordano Morganti - P.H. Frankenstein
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