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LNT TV in HAPPY ART MUSEUM CriticalTemperature expo I.Jaunberga's 50art to08.09 @ Galleria Riga...

Ilze Jaunberga’s personal exhibition of 50 paintings, “ CRITICAL TEMPERATURE!” 
will open on August 08 18:30 at the “HAPPY ART MUSEUM” hall @ 
most glamour Baltics entertainment & shopping centre Passage “GALLERIA RIGA” 
Dzirnavu street 67. 5floor 350m2 12.00-21.00 seven days a week free entree, in Rīga.. 
Since 2004, Ilze Jaunberga has developed her professional career in Italy, thanks to the support and production work of art manager ENZO ROSSI-Ròiss (Associazione Culturale ITALO-BALTICA).
Since receiving her master’s degree in painting from the Latvian Academy of 2005, Ilze Jaunberga (b. 1978) has each year, late in February or early in March (depending on the Lenten calendar of the church), taken part in the carnival in Venice. Ilze says that she loves the experience of this “hypnotic crowd, this phantasmagorical atmosphere,” and she enjoys them together with Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi.” Later, she produces paintings on the basis of what she has experienced. People from the company are seen in the paintings. They are, for instance, the ones who organise the most elegant ball at the carnival, “La Cavalchina.” It is held at the conclusion of the carnival at the Venetian opera house, “La Fenice.”“It is a world with its own rules of the game. Ancient masks have individual codes of behaviour. There are paradoxes, illusions, improvisations and theatricality. Aesthetics at the Venice carnival are always flirting and engaging in infantile merriment,” says Ilze Jaunberga, adding that when she meets “the truest Venetians,” that is a fateful issue for her. The fact is that the aesthetics of the carnival have tempted her since childhood, and once she began to travel to Italy, a childhood friend reminded her: “You have been talking about Venice and the carnival there as long as I can remember.”

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