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MORSE CODE- HAPPY ART MUSEUM ARTISTS EXPO in "RIETUMU" Bank expo Hall Vesetas 7- 4.07.2013-15.07

Exhibition in the "RIETUMU BANKA" - West Bank Art Gallery "Art Morse code"

Gallery "Happy Art Museum" in cooperation with the "RIETUMU BANKA" - West Bank from 4 July to 15th July offers a look at the new exhibition "Art Morse code."
It is no secret that the famous American inventor of the Morse code Morze Samuel began his career as a painter, studied in England, painted by the most visible contemporaries and friends - politicians and writers portraits. Even after the invention of the telegraph code, enjoying fame and wealth, he supported talent and art.
Devoting this exhibition Samuel Morze the organizers would like to remind about the amazing abilities of the human mind, the need for self-knowledge and the art of creating unique and creative source ABCs search process.

Its morse signal broadcast viewers gallery HAPPY ART MUSEUM constantly authors painters Sergei Dyomin a new cycle of paintings, expressive Gustav Phillipson, minimalist August Zarins, Dag Vidulejs with erotic graphics, Ilze Jaunberga the political grotesque, as well as a master of social irony Juris Dimiters, Heinrihsone Helena, Laima Eglīte, Martin Sprogis, Aigars Tavkins, Babkens Stepanjans,
Exhibition @ "RIETUMU BANKA" -(Bank of the West) RIGA Vesetas street 7

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