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Riga is the 2014 European Capital of Culture 

In corporation with   
Riga Culture Institutions, Neighboring Embassies, Art Galleries,
Moscow Art Management institute, artists etc.

RIGA is exactly 2014 European Capital of Culture. RIGA city in the world is more popular than LATVIAN name as a state. Riga is a trade center between Western Europe and Northern Europe and Eastern Europe from the ancient medieval times. http://artriga.com  International art fair “ART RIGA” is intended as an annual long-term project involving art professionals from all over the world: the best art galleries, art critics, specialized cultural magazine publishers. Given that by 2014 Riga became the European capital of culture-it is crucial for the success of  “ART RIGA” to open up opportunities for long-term development.

RIGA 2014 ART FAIR have an honor to invite you to participate in the annual international project
This special artistic event will unite the woks of contemporary artists, sculptors and photographers from
different countries. The event will be officially opened on the 24th of November 2014 in the presence of the artists, authorities
and representatives of the artistic and business elite.
 which is situated right in the centre of the City of Rga will let the great amount of citizens and guests from all over the world.
A large international PR-campaign project will be held to draw the attention of the public and Culture Institutions. 

will be issued and will include the information about the project itself and about all the participants. ART RIGA” primary mission is to provoke (encourage) the viewer on a conversation. Art Fair mission to provoke love - change the world with World art exhibitions exchange. We offer cooperation in organizing the art exhibitions. We offer the best contemporaries Galleries collections: a selection of the best contemporary artists paintings, sculptures, graphics. Every Gallery represent regional collection of high quality works of recognized professionals. Contemporaries in the art that will become classics.  

In 2014, Art Riga was glad to initiate the ART DEBATE, a series of lectures given respected curators, experts and dealers. 
Is pleased to share the complete series of these brilliant talks in video. The videos will be posted regularly on our web page. 
Throughout the year. In preparing the next RIGA ART FAIR takes place every Saturday Euroclub debate HAPPY ART MUSEUM gallery - club. http://happyartmuseum.co

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