pirmdiena, 2015. gada 4. maijs

May5 18:00 -25.May The world's best "BLUE MICROPHONE" Company founder Martin's Saulespurēns new book presentation and new exhibition Juris Dimiters exhibition

 May5 18:00 -25.May The world's best "BLUE MICROPHONE"  Company founder Martin's Saulespurēns new book presentation and new  exhibition  Juris Dimiters exhibition
5.maijā pl18:00-25.maijam Pasaulē labāko mikrofonu “BLUE MICROPHONE” FIRMAS DIBINĀTĀJA  Mārtiņa Saulespurēna jaunās grāmatas prezentācija un Jura Dimitera jaunās izstādes atklāšana
BLUE  MICROPHONE Jura Dimitera jaunās  izstādes atklāšana Happy Art Museum

Jura Dimitera mākslas izstāde un Mārtiņa Saulspurēna grāmatas- atklāšana 05.05.2015 18:00 Happy Art Museum

Jura Dimitera mākslas izstāde un Mārtiņa Saulspurēna grāmatas - atklāšana Māksla un zilie mikrofoni 05.05.2015 18:00 Happy Art Museum. Juris Dimiters art exhibition and Martin Saulspurēna books - Opening of Art and Blue Microphones 05/05/2015 18:00 Happy Art Museum http://lr1.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/kulturas-rondo/latviesi-var-no-mikrofonu-radisanas-vestures.a51409/

Jura Dimitera mākslas izstāde un BLUE MICROPHONES firmas dibinātāja Mārtiņa Saulspurēna grāmatas - atklāšana "Māksla un Zilie mikrofoni" 05.05.2015 18:00 Happy Art Museum/Galleria Riga augšējais līmenis. 
Juris Dimiters art exhibition and founder of BLUE MICROPHONES Martin Saulespurēna new book presentation -05/05/2015 18:00 Happy Art Museum/ Galleria Riga http://lr1.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/kulturas-rondo/latviesi-var-no-mikrofonu-radisanas-vestures.a51409/

Художественная выставка Юра Димитерс и Мартин Saulspurēna книги - Открытие художественной и ГОЛУБОЕ микрофоны 05/05/2015 18:00 Счастливые художественный музей

Happy Art Museum” primary mission is to provoke (encourage) the viewer on a conversation. HappyArtMuseum mission to provoke love - change the world with art exhibitions exchange. We offer cooperation in organizing the art exhibitions. We offer the "Happy Art Museum" galleries collection: a selection of the best contemporary artists paintings, sculptures, graphics. "Happy Art Museum" is a collection of high quality works of recognized professionals. Contemporaries in the art that will become classics.  The proposed exhibition designed for the widest possible audience and visitors to address a variety of categories. In particular, run-on sculpture and modern environmental sculpture work. There were several large-scale art events. Latvian and neighboring countries artists union group exhibitions, the atrical performances, seminars, corporative events, lectures, literal actions, theatre, film forums as well as foreign collection of exposure. 
    Producers Group Ltd. HappyArtMuseum organizes art events@ most expensive in the Baltics entertainment & shopping arcade Galleria Riga Dzirnavu street 67 7 level & our Pinakoteka expo office hall. In "Airport Riga", "Rietumu Banka", Klaipeda city exhibition hall, Frankfurt art Gallery, Jurmala risort, Latvian Museum of Architecture, “Rietumu Bank" etc. We organized decades large-scale transfer ART EXHIBITION EXCHANGE projects with neighboring museums and galleries. We take part in ART MOSCOW fair, Art Fair in BELGIUM etc,
    13.00- 22.00- every day seven days a week free entrance 6 years exhibitions. Latvian society of artists masterpieces and exchange projects from neighboring countries. WE offer Cafe BAR WINE SHOP- Portuguese 100 wine collection 13-22, ART STUDIO, CONFERENCE SPACE 100 CHAIRS AUDIO VIDEO SYSTEMS WIFI, BIGGEST RIGA ART SHOP:1000 ARTWORKS, EUROCLUB every saturday 18:00 
The people of the wonderful work consists Happy Art Museum

Люди, из замечательно сделанных работ которых состоит Музей Счастливого Искусства.