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АРТ РИГА 2015- ЯРМАРКА современного искусства Ноябрь 21-30 2015 тв Денис...

  1. Art Riga 2015   Ladies and gentlemen,

  2. We would like to invite you to the gala exhibition of the first international annual art fair Art Riga at the Railroad History Museum on November 24 at 17:00.
  3. The HAPPY ART MUSEUM production group announces the first international contemporary art fair exhibition Art Riga that will take place on November 24-30 2014 in Riga. The new tradition set up this year with Riga being the 2014 European Capital opens opportunities for a longterm future development. 
  4. The Art Riga international art fair is meant to be an annual meeting place for art professionals - art galleries, institutions, printing houses, experts, cultural media representatives, collectors as well as art lovers from all over the world. Professional Latvian art galleries are invited to take part in the fair. International art galleries and institutions will participate on a competitive base. This year galleries from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Georgia, Estonia, Mexico and Latvia have confirmed their participation. 
  5. The Fair's main purposes are:
  6.  - Receive international visibility and become an important annual meeting place for art professionals from Northern, Eastern and Western Europe. 
  7. −Enhance the prestige of Latvia's artists and art galleries;
  8. −Receive a deeper understanding of the Baltic region's current events, find out more about the world's art trends and have a look at oneself in the European and world art market context.
  9. −Practice an exhibition exchange with international art galleries, get to know colleagues who organize art events all around the world.

  10. It is a collective exhibition of art galleries and art institutions where each participant makes his exposition on a separate stand. This format popular in the rest of the world will be applied to the Latvian context for the first time. The Art Riga festival welcomes everyone to have an art experience as well as have a look at the exhibition's favorite pieces from a commercial viewpoint. 
  11. Every year the best world art galleries come together, and, like the Olympics teams, fight for the love of the audience. Gallery owners, artists and art experts exchange ideas, make friends and discuss exchange exhibitions and activities. 
  12. The fair's meeting place is the Latvian Railroad History Museum. It was chosen for its cultural and historical background, its capacity and easy-to-find location. Other big projects, like the annual art exhibition “Rudens” took place in the museum, so it has been many times transformed into a major  art event. Each participant will have a separate block with a stand, all blocks are planned to be of an equal size, but that can be changed if needed. 
  13. Besides the traditional and interdisciplinary art expositions broad analytical discussions will take place during the fair. The conference program includes talks by MARATS GELMANS (Kiev) “Mass media and totalitarianism”, SIMON HEWITT (Oxford) ”Investigation in originals”. Alexey Romanov “Can art be pornographic?”, ALEXANDER RAPPAPORT, Igors Vatoļins “ART&WAR”, etc.  In cooperation with the new Library building that is located near the Railroad museum a presentation will be organized on 26.11 showing new exhibition equipment production technologies: museum glass, cases, stand and frames to the participant of the conference. It is the first opportunity in Latvia's history to visit more than ten art exhibitions at once, each of which in any Latvian museum would be an event. To give an example, last year an exhibition of an original collection of Salvador Dali's sculptures, exhibitions of a photography classic Janis Saudek (Check republic), Ulvis Alberts (USA), Antanas Sutkusa (Lithuania). 
  14. Exhibition of Genia Shef (Germany) in Riga before the Venezia Biennale, a classic  Kiriko and Klerici from Italy. 20 contemporary painting from Indonesia. The founder of the Moscow surrealism Viktor Krotov has brought from his workshop in Paris to Riga a rondo shape painting in a Louvre frame and a monumental work “Millenium” that will be presented accompanied by a specially written musical piece. 
  15. The whole week of the fair foreign authors, gallery owners and art experts will be presenting the works. The first day is traditionally scheduled for art professionals and VIP guests. 

  16. A web page has been created for the fair  HTTP://ARTRIGA.COM as well as profiles in various social networks. During the fair a press center with accredited foreign journalists  will be functioning in the museum and there will also be a web live broadcasting. 
  17. A press center club will be opened 10.00-23.00 with a free WiFi, a cafeteria with 100 chairs, presentation equipment and a web live broadcasting. 
  18. Press center address: Dzirnavu 67, shopping mall “Galleria Riga”, level 7, “Happy Art Museum”.
  19. We would appreciate Your informational support of our new initiative. 

  20. With best regards, ART RIGA organizers 
  21. Production group SIA HAPPY ART MUSEUM www.artriga.com  info@artriga.com
  22. SIA Happy Art Museum board member Dags Vidulejs (+371 29595885)
  23. SIA Euroclub board member Gaļina Maksimova (+371 29177748)  
  24. Rīgā, Dzirnavu 67, Galleria Riga 7. level
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