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Dags Vidulejs 
Chairmen of the Board of "HappyArtMuseum" Ltd. Art director of producers group
Member of the Board in PINAKOTEKA exhibition& office hall
Member of Latvian Artists Union

otrdiena, 2016. gada 19. janvāris

ART RIGA FAIR annual welcome back http://ArtRiga.com

FOIRE D'ART DE RIGA 2016 annual ART FAIR: "ART Riga"

This year's ART RIGA, one of most important events in the Baltic art calendar, will take place on November 22-27.

Contemporary Art galleries from as far afield as USA, Mexico and Indonesia are taking part – alongside galleries from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Georgia, Estonia, Poland, France and host nation Latvia.

ART RIGA 2016 will again be held in the historic Latvian Railway History Museum at the the city-centre.

ART RIGA was established in 2014 to mark Riga's status as European Capital of Culture, with transactions exceeding half a million euros.

ART RIGA 2016 will have an expanded programme of talks and events, playing host to international art professionals, institutions, galleries, publishers, media, collectors and art-lovers.

A multilingual press centre will be in operation throughout the Fair, and there will be live broadcasting on the Web.

VIP and Media Opening Day is November 22.

For more information, please contact:

Dags Vidulejs tel +371 29 1595885

info@ArtRiga.com http://www.ArtRiga.com 

We encourage partners, participants and volunteers for the annual co-operation at Art Riga festival preparation. We work with advertisers, employees and catalogs, banners, souvenirs manufacturers. While politicians are still waiting, as the world changes, we are waiting intellectuals on ART RIGA within the conference and cinema cycle ART TRAFFIC & TRAFFIC PEOPLE preparation. 2015 Riga Latvian capital is the European Capital of politica. WELCOME! Encourage apply participants and interested Collectors to RIGA ART FAIR 2015 Basic exhibition takes place 21-30 November 2015 at "Latvian Railway History Museum" Latvijas Dzelzceļa vēstures muzejs. Uzvaras bulvāris 2-4 Rīga, Latvija. RIGA city in the world is more popular than LATVIAN name as a state. Riga is a trade center between Western Europe and Northern and Eastern from the ancient medieval times. Ltd. 
EUROCLUB & Producers Group Ltd."Happy Art Museum" organizes ART RIGA FAIR 2014, art events in our "Pinakoteka"expo hall and in center "Galleria Riga" 7 level. Dzirnavu str 67 FREE entree, 1000 artpieces shop, ArtStudio, exhibitions, performances, literal actions, film festival,corporative events, EUROCLUB saturday18:00. Cafe 13-21 Portuguese 100 Wine collection HTTP://ARTRIGA.COM info@artriga.com 
GAĻINA MAKSIMOVA +37129177748 DAGS VIDULEJS +37129595885
"RIGA ART FAIR 2016" exhibition 

2016 take place 22-30 November@ Latvian Railway History Museum

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