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DAGS Vidulejs/ Happy Art Museum/ Art Riga Fair CILV...

DAGS Vidulejs 

Happy Art Museum 
Art Riga Fair 

Dags Vidulejs

2014-2016 ART RIGA FAIR organizer
2010-2016 Production group and exhibition hall „Happy Art Museum” executive
2009-2015 SIA “Pinakotēka” co-creator and artistic executive
2008 Work in gallery - ”Sky art”
2000-2006 Latvian Art Academy painting conceptual department
Producer assistant work at “Telefilm Riga”
1980-1985- LAA Theory and Pedagogy department
1981-1984 – Methodist work at LAA fond exhibition montage "Nation's Cinema-Actor Studio" 
49th middle school, Volleyball Olympic reserve sport school
Painter exhibitions:
2012 “Va Bank” exhibition in the hall “West” in Rietumu Bank
2012 graphic personal-exhibition in Jelgava gallery „Suņa taka”
2012 Gallery „Happy Art Museum” exhibition „Klaipeda's city's gallery”
2010 participation in exhibition „Bronze glamour” in Airport's VIP zone
2010 ”Autumn” in Pinakotēka exhibition hall
Participation in Baltezers church renewal devoted Christmas exhibition
2009 Graphic personal-exhibition in shopping center “SkyArt" Sky&More
Personal-exhibition in shopping center „Spice” – „Lemon Loft” exposition halls
2009 ”Autumn” in Pinakotēka exhibition hall
2008 personal-exhibition in Ventspils
2008 Exhibition in “Hypothec un Earth bank's” VIP hall
2008 Personal-exhibition gallery “Sky art” “Black & white” paintings
2007 Personal-exhibition „Plikni” gallery “Bonhanss” restaurant „Andalūzijas suns”
( Kuratore S.Sīle)
2007 participation in the Artist Union's exhibition “Autumn”
2006 LAA student and professor creative trip-order job and exhibition in Berlin hotel “Gates”
Ceiling paintjob in “Kalnozols” office
2006 “Europe's musical capital” personal-exhibition in Rietumu Bank's exhibition hall
2006 „Trip exhibition” after creative trip gallery “Ars Linga” (Curator Aija Nodieva)
2005 Wall painting
2005 participation in exhibition „Rudens”, inside exhibition hall „Arsenals”
Journal „Studija” prize for diptych „Civilization”
2005 ”Green Art” participation with paintings and curator work in an exhibition in Skonto hall
2004 personal-exhibition „Trip in another dimension” in gallery „XO”
2003 “Painters” in gallery “XO” 
Conference workshops in Florence. LAA professor, student group exhibitions in Brussels, Minsk etc.
2003 “Green point” art from recycling materials- exhibition organizer Skonto hall
1986 Participation in “Autumn” exhibition and student work exhibitions LAA
Works are located in private collections in Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Austria etc.
Produced exhibition hall's “PINAKOTĒKA” exhibitions and events:
2009 - „Autumn 2009” Happy Art Museum
- Inta Berga's sculpture exhibition
- Normund Puč's graphic and painting exhibition "Melancholy"
-Tālis Muzikant's sculptures “Alive Rock”
2010 - „Sankt-Peterbourg art academy fond exhibition”
Matti Miliuse's collection exhibition 
Journal “Rīgas Laiks” anniversary exhibition
2009-2014 organizes exhibition hall's “Happy Art Museum” activity:
(Galleria Riga, 5th -7th floor, Dzirnavu 67) as Happy Art Museum's subsidiary
and Happy Art author group trip exhibitions
09 2013 Participation in international art mesa “ART MOSCOW”
11 2013 Participation in international art exhibition “ART COKTEIL BRUGE” in Belgium
02 2014 Gallery's “Happy Art Museum” author exhibition in Frankfurt- gallery “IRA KITZKI”
05 2014 - 07 2014 Gallery's “Happy Art Museum” author exhibition in Airport's VIP center
Language abilities: English, Russian, Latvian - freely
Expierience in press conference and round table arrangement, capability of working in a team.
Dags Vidulejs +37129595885