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DON'T SHUT DOWN- Voice of Freedom- GOOGLE PLUS Dags Vidulejs (Happy Art Museum & ART RIGA FAIR director)

DON'T SHUT DOWN-  Voice of Freedom- GOOGLE PLUS goo.gl/5UuLkc
Dags Vidulejs (Happy Art Museum & ART RIGA FAIR director)

In the field of Culture and Arts (also social, IT and science, business), GOOGLE + is the only real social network that can be used for purposes of cultural and artistic professionals who organise the exchange of world cultural and art exhibitions. It is a charity mission that has no informative support except GOOGLE +. Mass Media and other social networks like FaceBook require a fee for publishing cultural projects as commercial entities. For non-profit cultural missions GOOGLE + has ONE BREATH: 


I spent several years doing daily work to develop this information exchange channel. Because GOOGLE + networks are connected to popular google mail contacts. GOOGLE + images and publications are the only social network indexed by the google search engine. I invited all world museum directors and art gallery owners to GOOGLE +, WHERE THERE ARE 3200 CONTACTS. Together with three GOOGLE + accounts, ART RIGA and Happy Art Museum are 10K colleagues who are not used for commercial purposes. The only way to engage in exchange programs with other volunteers who are ready to exhibit is to travel around the world at their own expense and to contribute to the creation of a global, united human race through cultural diplomacy.

Agree, maybe my private GOOGLE + accounts can be closed because they back up FaceBook's private accounts. But those users who create legal business accounts can stay on GOOGLE +, which is not against the disclosure of private data. Because FaceBook supports share from mass media, but puts various insurmountable obstacles to content creators. Limiting the number of friends and followers. Exposing publishing fees and enabling propagandist troll factories to block and delete any free and friendly creator account. For support for Western Democracy Human Rights, my accounts several times from troll factories have been deleted from FaceBook, with all contacts and many years of publications.

I am confident in GOOGLE as the closest partner and flagship of the global information exchange that has opened the communication space to the united world. Please GOOGLE review the Liquidation Decision by narrowing, converting, and saving to a new GOOGLE +. As a social network for documented businesses and information channels for content creators.
I see it in the future: GOOGLE + can be saved as a business social network for affiliate business accounts. An interesting newspaper with many years of interesting publications.

Sincerely, Dags Vidulejs. ART RIGA FAIR Director http://ArtRiga.com

Ltd. Owner of HAPPY ART MUSEUM www.HappyArtMuseum.co +37129595885